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Brian Edwards - Waratah National Cat Alliance

I believe that in most situations cats will adapt to their environment, but you must have a cat that is content in their environment. Couch potatoes are happy with a soft bed or lap; however, some activity is always pleasant, particularly if children are part of the environment.

Burmese fit in anywhere and Maine Coons are great – I have friends who spend up to four months a year travelling Australia in a caravan with four Maine Coons, and a happier bunch of cats and people you would be lucky to meet. I also know of two Burmese that are 24/7 living on a sailing boat and they have a great time.

Discuss your environment with other cat owners in similar situations. Visit them and watch the cat’s attitude; if it is enjoying its environment then maybe consider that breed. Research all your friends and acquaintances to feel comfortable with your choice.

We need to remember that the more we invest in our pets’ lives, the easier it is to incorporate them into ours.

Brian Edwards & Paladin