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cat breed choices

 The breed of cat you choose will influence the amount and type of care required by your feline friend. Like dogs, different cat breeds have individual character traits and care requirements. Some breeds such as the Burmese are friendly and almost dog-like, whilst Siamese are known for being quite vocal. Abyssinians can be extremely active, whilst Persians are real couch potatoes but require a huge amount of grooming for their long, impressive coats. Rex cats don’t shed hair and are sometimes preferred by owners with allergies.

It’s a good idea to research the type of cat that is best suited to your lifestyle. Whether you opt for a purebred or a moggie, it’s important that you find a well-socialised cat; a kitten that turns up on your doorstep may need a lot of expert care if it is timid or not well socialised.

If your cat will not have any access to the outdoors, it’s a good idea to try to select a breed or individual that’s predisposed to indoor living. It’s much easier to live with a cat that loves the great indoors.

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