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Clayton Glenister - Body Corporate Lawyer

As a specialist in body corporate law and also strata schemes, I have seen many instances where pet ownership has been a very emotional and expensive process for all parties involved. One way to avoid this is to check the by-laws which apply to the building you are looking to buy into, and to speak with your solicitor to make sure that your contract of sale is subject to the owners corporation or the body corporate approving your pet. This will mean that such approval is sought prior to you moving into the building.

By the most part, pet ownership comes down to the responsibility of those owners. Suitable animals and responsible pet ownership should in most cases cause little disruption to the community-style living. However, most by-laws place a restriction on the weight of a dog; in many instances, owners are not able to have a dog if it weighs more than 10 kgs. This is blatantly unfair and does not take into account the nature, attributes and personality of the particular breed.

Clayton Glennister
Clayton Glenister