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developed with pets in mind

Pets in Mind

Melbourne’s Freshwater Place offers the best in inner-city living – with pets welcome. Here, Australand’s General Manager Residential Victoria, Rob Pradolin, tells us what makes Freshwater Place’s pet-friendly lifestyle so popular.

“I have been involved with the development of inner-city residential properties for many years and it seems to me that interest in higher density living shows no sign of slowing. In fact people of all ages are choosing inner-city apartments and townhouses over the traditional house on a suburban block of land, as they don’t want to be tied to the maintenance involved with a traditional home and are choosing low-maintenance apartment living.

“When we developed Freshwater Place, in Melbourne’s Southbank, we wanted to make sure that it offered real-life living and, for us, that meant offering a private garden area and a set of facilities unsurpassed in Melbourne. In addition, we wanted to ensure that pets were allowed to be kept in the apartments, as they form part of many people’s lives.”

Freshwater Place’s residents include everyone from young couples, singles of all ages, couples whose children have left home, through to older people who value the vibrancy of inner-city life.

“In my experience, pets help to create a sense of community. You see people stopping to admire a dog and have a chat with the owners. There is a level of social interaction that just doesn’t occur when pets are not around. It’s a much more grounded environment.

“The fact that Freshwater Place is pet-friendly has certainly been a selling point and we believe it has increased the marketability of the apartments when owners wish to sell,” Rob says.

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