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Dr Anne Fawcett – Companion Animal Veterinarian

As a Veterinarian at a busy inner-suburban vet practice, I’m exposed on a daily basis to people who share their lives with pets in high-density areas. In my experience it’s not the size of the yard or apartment that matters, it’s the way in which the owners care for and manage their pet.

Selecting the right pet for the right environment and lifestyle is very important, but the key is being attentive to your pet’s particular needs and quality of life. Owners who provide thoughtful, loving care and management of their pet, together with consideration of those around them, are able to have a richly rewarding bond – even when they have little or no outdoor space.

I love living in the city, but personally could not conceive of an existence not shared with animals – life’s more interesting if you can share it with another species.

Dr Anne Faqcett
Anne Fawcett & Patient