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Dr Anne Fawcett – Companion Animal Veterinarian


As a veterinarian I think pet health insurance can be very beneficial, especially accident and illness insurance. Although insurance never covers everything, it can be a big help for people and provides a safer means of coping with unexpected veterinary bills. Often insurance can be the difference between life and death for an animal as owners are able to access treatment for their pets they wouldn't otherwise afford.

Pet health insurance has long been popular overseas but has taken a while to establish itself in Australia. The uptake of policies has increased dramatically in recent years, possibly because there are now many more brands available and their advertising has created greater awareness amongst pet owners. There are currently over a dozen different brands with a range of cover options available. It's important to remember that no pet insurance policies cover pre-existing conditions and some policies reduce benefits once a pet reaches a certain age. Generally the best time to take out a policy is as soon as possible after adopting a puppy or kitten. Many people have traditionally covered their family with health insurance, so it's great that people can now choose to cover all members of the family, including pets.

Dr Anne Faqcett
Anne Fawcett & Patient