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Dr Katrina Warren - Veterinarian and Television Presenter

Dogs make fantastic companions; they’re loyal, intelligent, fun and loving. There are many practical barriers to owning a dog and I think it’s really important to thoroughly consider your lifestyle before deciding whetheryou are ready to commit to owning a dog and which type of dog is most suitable for you. Consider fully thecosts in terms of time and money, as well as the practicalities of accommodating, exercising, grooming andgenerally managing a dog.

Don’t place too much emphasis on a dog’s appearance; what’s more important is their temperament and activitiy levels. There’s no hard and fast rule about selection but be sensible – don’t buy a working breed if you don’t like to exercise and you’re never home, and don’t buy a lap dog if you want a long-distance running companion.

Katrina Warren
Dr. Katrina Warren