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features of a pet-friendly domicile

Although you can make almost any space pet-friendly, there are some significant, structural housing features that can help make a space work well for pets. The following is a list of the features that potential buyers and renters might look for in a pet-friendly domicile:

• Access to outdoor areas, including communal areas

• Contained inner courtyards and atriums

• Enclosed balconies

• Tiled or wooden floors

• Long corridors (great for cats)

• Access to direct (but not unavoidable) sunlight

• A large common room with space for running around

• Pre-existing pet-friendly features such as cat climbing racks, doggy doors and cat-flaps. Attics with pull-down ladders make a great climbing space for agile young cats – so long as the roof cavity itself is escape proof and safe.

Remember, it’s also important to choose the right pet and the right breed for your particular lifestyle.

For more information on keeping pets indoors, visit the great outdoors or not section.

For dogs and cats, living indoors with another animal companion in an enriched environment is far superior to being shut outside and bored! In fact, survey respondents indicated that almost a third of all dogs spent virtually all their time indoors.


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