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Karin Bridge – Behavioural Trainer

Training is communication. Dogs want to have a special and close relationship with us, but they need help in learning how to live in our crazy human-orientated world. I find what most owners describe as stubbornness, willfulness, dominance or even stupidity is simply a “failure to communicate” between the owner and dog. Training provides a communication system. Dogs know how to “sit”, “stand”, “down” and “come' – they do it all the time. What they don’t know are the human words for these behaviours and why they should do them when asked. With training, your dog learns how to get what he wants (attention, praise, games, treats) by pleasing you (with a “sit”, “down” or “come”) – a win/win situation for you and your dog.


I get a surge of pleasure knowing my dogs have listened, understood and agreed to be my partner in whatever task we undertake – be it a clean run on a jumping course or simply coming when called. Training based on education rather than intimidation builds that kind of relationship.


Karin Bridge & Matilda