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living the high life in docklands

Case Study Jen & Bacci

Spending the week in a home office on the 29th floor of an apartment building in Docklands has been smooth sailing for Jeni and her two-year-old Chihuahua, Baci. Jeni says that many of the approximately 150 apartments have a resident pet, including quite large dogs, and still being able to share your life with a pet is one of the attractions for people moving into the area.


“Many people here have downsized, coming from larger suburban properties, and they have brought their pets with them,” says Jeni. “I have a busy work and social life so, when I decided to get a dog, I did a fair bit of research into what would work best for my lifestyle. Considerations such as the dog’s size, the amount of exercise required, whether a dog could be content in an apartment during the week and the amount of grooming required were all important to me.


“Baci really has been the right dog for me. He has brought another dimension to my life. Caring for this little creature makes me take time out and he idolises the ground I walk on! “Working from a home offi ce has made it very easy to create a routine for Baci. He knows that he will have a chance to toilet outside at set times during the day and evening, and I haven’t had any problems with housetraining.


“I do sometimes take him to doggy day care if I have a long day of meetings or my niece will care for him if I have to be away overnight. In return, I look after her Chihuahua, Cosmo, when she needs it. This works very well and I’m lucky to have family who can help out when the need arises.” Jeni says the only downside to having a dog in a high-rise apartment is that sleep-ins are a thing of the past. “I take him downstairs for a wee every morning at 6am and my day takes off from there,” she says.

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