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Michelle Bridges – Television Presenter & Healthy Lifestyle Expert

The research results speak for themselves – pets can have far-reaching benefits for the health of their owners, both psychologically and physiologically. Right now, when the world around us is rapidly changing and some people might be feeling a loss of control and perhaps a lack of confidence in the future, pets can provide a wonderful, back to basics contribution to our lives. For young and old, singles, couples and families, pets can encourage a happier, healthier lifestyle. My dog Paddy is my constant companion and a great exercise buddy.

While there are plenty of good reasons to own a pet, it’s important to remember that not everyone can or should have a pet. People need to do their homework and make sure they choose the right type of pet, understand the care requirements of that pet and be confi dent that they’re able to meet all the pet’s needs, including being permitted to keep a pet where they live.

Michelle Bridges & Paddy