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Ryan Blunden - Pet-friendly Rentals

A few years ago I nearly had to give up my dog Tonka because I was finding it so hard to find somewhere suitable for the two of us to live. It was such a distressing and worrying time that I swore I would do whatever I could to prevent other people from having to experience the same kind of stress. I developed an on-line tool to help pet owners locate pet-friendly rental accommodation. I can also suggest the following tips:

  • In the first instance, look for properties where the agent or owner states that they are prepared to accept pets
  • Present yourself as a responsible pet owner and your pet as well behaved by preparing a supportive pet résumé
  • If you’re interested in a property that isn’t clearly pet-friendly, make sure you provide information to show you’re a great tenant and a great pet owner and be prepared to do some negotiating
  • Good references are critical!

Ryan Blunden & Tonka