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safe outdoor access for cats

There is no question that keeping cats indoors extends their lifespan, as they are no longer vulnerable to motor vehicle accidents, encounters with unfriendly dogs and cat fight wounds. Cats are by nature curious creatures, and will commonly harass owners to be let out, but there are plenty of ways to enrich your cat’s indoor environment. And for those whose cats absolutely put their paws down and insist on being let outside, a contained cat enclosure may be the answer.

Enclosures can be custom built to fit a variety of areas, such as a balcony, atrium or limited outdoor space, and usually incorporate climbing platforms, ladders and steps, scratching posts, shady spots and even hammocks to help your cat feel more comfortable and entertained. These are particularly popular in areas where council enforces a cat curfew.

Outdoor enclosures for cats can take up otherwise unused space, such as the narrow paths alongside some semi-detached premises. A cat door can be fitted, allowing your cat to choose whether they want to be indoors or outdoors and so you can also control their indoor and outdoor access.