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The PIAS Selectapet program can help take the guesswork out of choosing a dog or cat. Selectapet is a computer program that provides insights into the most appropriate breeds of dog and cat to suit your lifestyle. The program is available on-line and is free of charge. Would-be pet owners answer a series of questions about their lifestyle, and the program then analyses that data, suggests four possible dog or cat breeds and provides information on those breeds. Users can vary their preferences in terms of size, coat length and other factors to obtain a wide range of information.

Selectapet will help get you thinking about the key considerations when choosing a dog or cat. But of course it’s still very important to undertake your own research and talk to other people such as friends, vets and breeders about dog and cat breeds before making a decision. It can also be a good idea to attend a dog or cat show where a mix of breeds are on display – it’s a great opportunity to see and meet different types of dogs and cats and talk to the handlers about the characteristics of that breed.

For the free Selectapet service, visit Selectapet on the PIAS website or try Selectapet on Facebook.