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tips for exercising your cat


• Some may say it can’t be done, but the key to exercising cats is play – and plenty of it.


There are plenty of cat toys on the market, but you needn’t spend a fortune to engage your cat in play. Most cats are intrigued by the noise made by a crumpled-up sheet of paper, which they can chase and bat around. Paper bags (with the handles cut off so cats don’t get caught in them) are also a source of fun, as are cardboard boxes. And many cats derive hours of entertainment chasing the red dot from a laser pointer around the room – but be careful not to shine the light in the cat’s eyes.


If you are considering adopting a kitten, you may want to consider adopting two. Two kittens don’t take up too much extra room but they are twice the fun as they can provide hours of entertainment for each other.


Some cats can be trained to walk on a lead. Feline-friendly lead and harness kits are available from all good pet stores. It’s best to start training cats from an early age.