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tips to prevent boredom and entertain your pet when you're not around

Provide safe, engaging toys on a rotating basis to challenge your pet (string and wool are not safe toys to leave your cat alone with) and don’t leave your dog alone with bones, as they may pose a choking hazzard.


Hide low-fat, nutritious treats in the environment for your pet to find.


Leave the television or radio on when your pet is home alone.


Arrange for friends to visit your pet when you’re not around, or organise your dog to visit friends or family.


Adopt a kitten: cats enjoy playing together.


Plant a cat-friendly garden, with plants like catnip and cat grass for your cat to enjoy.


Provide spaces to climb and a scratching post or climbing tree.


Make the most of the time you spend with your pet: regular exercise and play can entertain and expend a lot of otherwise pent-up energy!