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two pugs are more fun than one

2 Pugs

When Joey and Fiona originally bought their ground-floor apartment in the inner-Sydney suburb of Glebe, the building by-laws only permitted pets that were already owned by residents; new pets weren’t allowed and pets couldn’t be replaced. Soon after they moved in, there was a move to change the by-laws to permit the keeping of dogs and cats. Joey and Fiona were among a majority of residents who voted in favour of the change and the block became pet-friendly.

The young couple then began the hunt for a suitable dog. They knew they wanted a small and quiet dog, so Fiona started to do some research, including using the on-line service Selectapet. “I saw a Pug-cross in a pet shop. We had heard a little bit about Pugs, so I started to look into them more carefully,” says Fiona. “We chatted to anyone we met who had Pugs and found that every owner absolutely gushed about how much they loved the breed."

Joey and Fiona located a breeder through the Pug Dog Club and talked with them on the phone several times. It came as no surprise when they learned that Pugs can be prone to breathing diffi  culties and occasional knee problems, but the couple felt reassured by the breeder. Three months after originally deciding to get a dog Joey and Fiona received the call they’d been waiting for: a litter was available and they could come and choose a puppy.

Ruby, a delightful black female Pug, became part of the household. After four months of owning Ruby, the couple realised that she was very much a companion dog and they really didn’t like leaving her alone. Despite both working fl  exible hours, inevitably there were times when Ruby was solo, so they went back to the same breeder and Leo, a fawn-coloured male, joined the family.

“Toliet training is important when you live in an apartment,” explains Fiona. “We’re lucky to have a generous outdoor area and a doggy door so the Pugs can go in and out as they please, but I suspect they spend most of their time inside when we’re not here.” Fiona comments that they fi  nd it easy to have the two dogs. “The Pugs have turned out to be a great choice for us. They’re terrifi  c company for each other, they share the same bed by choice. There is a lot of hair though and it can get a little crazy when they really get going.”

When the couple need to go away, a relative minds the apartment and the dogs. Otherwise Fiona and Joey take Ruby and Leo everywhere with them. Fiona firmly believes they experience their local area a lot more because of the dogs – they spend a great deal of time out walking, exploring and simply enjoying their location.

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